Test/Quiz results not working in HTML

higherlearning Community Member Posts: 24
Hi, again,    I have published my content to html and everything works fine, but when I show the test results the score does not show, and no matter what it says "Failed", even if you passed. I do not use the popup option, but it does display correctly there. I cannot use the popup option though, because I have custom actions that are executed when the user clicks "Ok" that automatically takes them back to any incorrect questions in the test so they can correct them. I use a new page for each question. If I use the popup method the incorrect question pages open within the popup window with the actual course still open under it, making 2 open courses, and this would continue to add open course windows each time they go to correct answers, not good.So, I need to figure out why the results will not display correctly when published to html without using the popup method.Thanks
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