Formulas and calculations

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Lectora can do this. Sadly, variable manipulation is not a simple matter here.So, let's assign your scores to Q1a and Q1b. Then we have Q2a and Q2b, and so forth. You can assign a series of actions to modify a variable. I would suggest Q1avg, Q2avg, etc. I suggest something like this:Action 1: Modify Variable, Target: Q1avg, Set Equal to VAR(Q1a)Action 2: Modify Variable, Target: Q1avg, Add VAR(Q1b)Action 3: Modify Variable, Target: Q1avg, Divide by 2Repeat for the other four questions. You may want to put these into an action group that runs every time the changes the text box. It would actually be cleaner to put each of the three actions into their own groups. Then that way you're only firing off 3 actions instead of 15 every time the user types something. For the button, you want to create a series of five text boxes. Call them Q1feedback, Q2feedback, etc. Place a button that calls an action group. This group consists of:On Click, Change Contents, Target: Q1feedback, with VAR(Q1avg).On Click, Change Contents, Target: Q2feedback, with VAR(Q2avg).And so forth.You'll want to create more text boxes so the numbers have some meaning, like, "Your average score for Q1 is:" You could theoretically put all your feedback into one text box, but that may be more trouble than it's worth. Hope this helps out a little.Kevin
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