Layering multiple windows on desktop

jane Community Member Posts: 3
Hello - I don't know why this is happening or how to fix it. I am building a CD that will have a Lectora course (published as single-file executable) and several documents related to the course. It will also have a separate, one-page Lectora title that will serve as the launchpad for everything else (hyperlinks to the main course and the documents.) I want the new window to open on top of the launchpad window, and that's what is happening except in one circumstance: There's a drag-and-drop question in the main course. It's set to show immediate feedback, via a feedback page. When this feedback page displays, it's now the 3rd page/window on the screen. The launchpad page is on the bottom, the main course page is next up, and the feedback page is on top.BUT - when I close the feedback page, the main course window moves behind the launchpad window. Can someone tell me how I can keep it above the launchpad window? Any help is much appreciated!I forgot to specify: I'm using Lectora 2008 SP2, on a Vista computer and also an XP computer. Thanks!Edited By: Jane on 2009-2-26 16:35:5
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