Storyboard Format?

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Rob M wrote:

We are actually changing up the way that things are done. Initially our designers would storyboard the course in PowerPoint and send that to the SME's for content accuracy. Now the designers are going to start the storyboarding in Lectora to save us (the developers) time from copying and pasting from PowerPoint to Lectora. We have created a template for the designers to use that is almost identical to ours, but without most of the funtuality. After every page of content we have a blank page (everything dis-inherited) with only a text box. This page is titled the same as the previous page, but with the word NOTES on the end. This page serves as a page where any audio script or other notes to the developer are needed. When it is time to send it off to the SME's for content accuracy we choose to print the course to PDF. We select two Lectora pages per printed page so that the content page shows up (identical to how the course page will look on the LMS)) on the top half of the page and the notes section is on the bottom. This way the SME has the page and anything extra that can not be displayed in plain text format (audio, video, interactions...etc). It is still an evolving process.
That is a cool process. Unfortunately it would not work for me though. I am the sole developer/designer in Lectora right now. Thanks for the info though. It might come in handy for me one day

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