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CTRL Key required for linked content

longj4669 Community Member Posts: 92
Approximately a year ago, I created courses that contained links to Adobe files that opened in a separate window. These documents opened without issue and did not require holding down the CTRL key while the document loaded. This has changed. These older courses - and any new content we're creating - is now requiring some users to hold the CTRL key down while the file is extracted and loaded. And, there are differences between users - some are being required to use the CTRL key, some are not. However, ALL of our settings are the same in IE...same version, same security, pop-ups are UNblocked, etc.I have checked every thread on the forum re: to popup blockers, CTRL, etc and still have yet to find anyone with a solution. I have changed my Advanced settings in IE to 'run files from my computer' to no success. I can add verbiage to our courses that advises users to hold down the CTRL key if they get the 'blip' of the file, but that's not my preferred solution. Attachments should open without this type of issue. I'm hoping someone has determined the source of this problem and can steer me - or my IT group - in the right direction. Any help will be greatly appreciated!> Lectora 2008 SP2 (5611)> Windows XP Professional v5.1.2600 SP2 Build 2600> IE 7.0.5730.13Edited By: longj4669 on 2009-2-25 8:57:3
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