Publish Strings

rainman Community Member Posts: 20

 This has been an issue for us many times as well. It would be a great improvement!

rainman said:We do a lot of multi language development and on more than one
occasion have published Spanish or French text strings for english
courses because the Publish strings setting is application focused rather
than files focused.

It would be nice to see two changes made to the publish strings setting:

1. As noted above, it would be nice to be able to set the Publish strings to
a specific Lectora file and not have the publish string that is set in the
preferences be a global setting.

2. If this setting is to remain global, it would be nice to have the publish
strings drop-down list (currently located in Preferences > Publish strings
Tab) available on the Publish dialog window. This way you could change
your strings on the fly and avoid a mis-publish.