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Conditional Actions Trouble

hdpat Community Member Posts: 8
Thanks for your suggestions, Ben.I tried publishing the course after taking out all of the tests except for the last one in each of the tracks. My certificate launched successfully. The certificate formatting was lost, but at least my condition for the launch worked.(I also made a change to place the condition to launch the certificate on the certificate button rather than the page - button is now always visible.)This morning I ran the full course in debug after publishing. I noticed two things. In the first track, the debug window showed three lines of text in the beginning of each of the tests that did not appear in the second track. Example:saveVariable for VarPublishDate to [February 27, 2009 7:25 AM]saveVariable for VarPlatform to [Win32]saveVariable for VarBrowserType to [Microsoft Internet Explorer]Although the lines did not appear for the second track tests, the variables for the courses continued to show the passing score...Until the twenty-first test, at which time the student name prompt popped up. Immediately before and after I entered the student name, the variables for the previous test scores went back to zero. So, when the time came at the end to launch the certificate, it would not launch because the passing score for the last test in the first track had been changed to zero.I didn't notice any significant difference in the debug windows other than the missing publish date, platform and browser type variable lines in the second track.I hope this is clear. I'm unfortunately not a programmer. I appreciate the suggestions.Pat
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