Timer issues - please help!

grnlark Community Member Posts: 18
I have a course that incorporates several 5 question skill check questions. I have these set up as individual tests with a 25 minute timer added (timed test in the testing properties). Due to federal regulations, the user is only allowed 25 minutes to complete each of the 5 questions. If the user passes, they continue. If they fail (either by score or running out of time) they are directed to a fail page and are asked to retake it. When published to AICC and loaded to our LMS the course runs flawless for the better majority, but a good handful of people are getting thru the first and second questions and are then taken to the fail page. We have never had issues with Lectora or the testing in the past. The only new variable added here is the timed test. Has anyone else ever experienced issues with the timer before? Having a time limit is critical for this course. Are there any other work arounds or ways to implement a timer?