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I will have to load 4,000 users into my Coursemill database using the import user data process. I'm now testing with about 17 users. I'm using a tab delimited file. As part of my test, there are some duplicates so I received the messages"Successfully added 14 user registration records""Successfully updated 3 user registration records"Is there a way to find out which 3 user registration records were updated? These are my duplicates. When working with the 4000 user file, I don't want to do this manually. Thanks,EdEdited By: eschefen on 2009-2-19 15:31:58


  • whatcher-8448
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    Is there an answer to this question @eschefen? What did you find out? Anyone?
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    @whatcher-8448 The original post is from 2009. If you are experiencing an issue, please create a new question so the community can assist you.
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