Callouts/info bubbles

jnn3 Community Member Posts: 6
Such things can be duplicated by using text boxes. You can format the text box's borders and background. Such text boxes have their "Initially Visible" feature unchecked. Some action shows the text box. Usually, the trigger is when the learner clicks on something specific or after a certain length of time (action on the Page level that acts on Timer). In some cases, you may need to hide the text boxes again, such as if it is replaced by a new text box (a great action on the new text box is that On Show, you hide the older text box) or after a specific time period (place an action on the text box On Show, hide the same text box, but place a delay of 6 seconds or so).There are a lot of possibilities with these text boxes. You just need to identify your need and work with it. Sadly, these text boxes do not fade in and out as nicely as Captivates, though there is, I believe, a Lextension you can install.Kevin