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The "Add a Reviewer" just for the course is a WONDERFUL feature! here are just a couple minor issues we found:1. As a Reviewer of the course only, added email with a deadline --- Fred could only add and report on notes. The following options appeared available and should appear unavailable because he could not really use them:Layout: Show Grid, Show Rulers, Show Guides, Snap to Grid, Snap to GuidesTools: Debug ModeThis only occurs the first time that the reviewer opens the course. When Fred exited the course, saved notes, and re-opened the course, these all are shown as unavailable.2. The links in the email sent out to the course reviewer did not work.

From: Sent: Monday, February 02, 2009 2:36 PMTo: Fred DaniellSubject: Please Review Lectora Online Title: Global Presence - CDS Beta 020209Fred Daniell,You have been invited to review the following title on LectoraOnline!Global Presence - CDS Beta 020209To begin reviewing, simply log into Lectora Online and use the following for your ID and password:ID: [email protected] Password: HdudW0You will need to choose another password immediately after logging in for the first time.