Image Movement

mbschet Community Member Posts: 22
Here's how i did it:Create a new variable for the y position movement:Name: yInitVal: Attach to graphic: action: on: show Action: run action group Target: group_1Group_1Action 1:     Name: move it     Action: Move To     target:      X Coord: 206     Y Coord: VAR(y)Action 2:     Name: Increment y          Action: Modify Variable     target: y     Value:      i.e. 1     Mod Type: Add to VariableAction 3:     Name: set new y     Action: change contents     target: y     new Contents: yAction 4:     Name: re-run group     Action: run action group     target: Group_1        Conditional: y less than < where you want it to stop>This should move the graphic from y to y+1 until y = endpoint.I can send you a zip file that has this all built if you like. As well as growing/shrinking.