Line spacing in Lectora Text Styles

georgiegreg Community Member Posts: 16
Is there any way to attach properties for line spacing or space before/after paragraphs to a Text Style in Lectora? We want to insure that our instructional designers are creating pages with consistent spacing between paragraphs, including paragraphs with different styles than the body text (like headings). Putting each paragraph in its own text block seems problematic (since the height of the block will vary depending on the font size, making consistent spacing via the grid hard to achieve). We're thinking of putting all text on a page (that isn't part of an interactive question) in one text block, and using styles within the text block. But in order to get the line spacing correct, do we have to apply the Text Style and then also adjust the paragraph spacing properties? (That's going to be twice the work, if so! :( )Any insight would be appreciated!