eMail Questionnaire Variable Problem

crabbyone Community Member Posts: 14
We are trying to email the results of a Questionnaire. When the email is sent, the AICC Variable for Student_Name is showing up strangely. My understanding is that the native AICC variable is LNAME, FNAME (in our LMS, it has FNAME MI)When the email is generated, the STUDENT_NAME variable presents as: LNAME%252525252525252525252C%2525252525252525252520FNAME%252 5252525252525252520MIBut if you turn on the "show all variables" option in the questionnaire, the STUDENT_NAME is formatted correctly at the bottom of the email (along with multitudes of other variable information): STUDENT_ID=UAXXXXXSTUDENT_NAME=LNAME, FNAME MIWe tried to turn on the "Prompt the student for their name to identify the survey", but they are never presented with that option. Because we have selected to email the survey, the student is prompted for a valid email address instead.Any help is greatly appreciated. This is for an annual attestation that needs to be audited and the results really need to be right.Thanks!