GetLastError and GetErrorString

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Hi can you help please. I have searched the forum and only found very limited info on my problem and this is concerning a different LMS.I have created a survey using Lectora 2007 sp1 (4383) and wish to publish and collect the resulting typed answers using SCORM 2004 in Kallidus v 7.4.2.All seems to go well until I get an error message LMSsetValue Error:Having clicked OK on the same error 5 times the course finally closes and the results are captured by the LMS and I can report on them correctly and retrieve all the submitted survey text answers.Talking to e2train who build the LMS and using Kallidus debugging we have identified that these errors are displayed at the following stage:16:10.04 calling GetLastError16:10.04 GetLastErroruserID=9f126bc4-54a2-4367-a963-7a534215d9balearningObjectID=ff289b1a-854e-4c8a-b493-4dac89dcfcfb16:10.04 Result: 40616:10.04 calling GetErrorString16:10.04 GetErrorStringuserID=9f126bc4-54a2-4367-a963-7a534215d9balearningObjectID=ff289b1a-854e-4c8a-b493-4dac89dcfcfbdataitem=16:10.05 Result: and that result 406 equals var _DataModelElementTypeMismatch = 406;When publishing the course I amAdding a CMI completion status of completed and AICC score of 100. I am also adding the submit survey button.During publishing I am ticking:The published course will be presented in a separate window than the LMS. The published course will report Test/Survey Interactions to the LMS. The published course will prompt to restore the last viewed location within the LMS.I have tried all sorts of variations on ticking and un-ticking these three options.I have also had the module published by another person using Lectora v9 with the same issues.HELP this is driving me mad -it seems so close yet so farMany thanksGarethEdited By: Gareth on 2009-1-29 9:57:41