How to add an action to drop down list?

runsright Community Member Posts: 4
Hi,I'm new to the forum. Is there a way to add an action to a drop down list? I'm trying to have the instructions in an initial text box above a picture (object) hide so that texts change based on the user clicking on or hovering over one of three functional drop-down lists. This action would show one of the three corresponding text boxes based on this selection.Because each drop-down list contains four to six choices, I hope to describe the contents of each drop down list in its entirety per text block.I understand how to set conditional for the these three groups, such as placing pairs of “on show hides” actions for the each group will hide the instructions of the other groups as they are selected, so that the order of selection among the three drop down lists by the user isn't important. I am able to accomplish this with buttons but am hopeful someone here may help, so that I don’t have to “build” a fake dropdown list.Also, are there any xp themed drop down lists available? The only one that I'm able to insert natively is a Windows 2000 a/k/a "classic" style.Thank you.Edited By: runs_right on 2009-1-28 9:57:47