Collapsed chapters remain collapsed

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If you're a control freak, so am I! This has been driving me nuts, too. I finally caved in today and searched for a solution; you're the only one that posted about it. Thank you for posting the work-around. Here's hoping Trivantis comes up with a more practical solution.


rhall01 said:This is driving me nuts today so thought I'd post before I forget.

I've got 8 or so chapters, including my assessment, and I'd like all but 3 to remain collapsed, but when I delete a note or create a new quiz question, certain chapters expand, and other chapters collapse. I then collapse the unwanted chapters, delete a note or create a quiz question, and they expand/collapse again.

Weird. I'd really like the chapters to remain collapsed or expanded until I tell them to change. I know, I'm a control freak...

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