Hotspot in irregular shape- HELP!

ksng Community Member Posts: 16
>>>as currently you can only create hotspots based on the shapes that Lectora provides<<<Actually, I think that may be too generous of a comment. When I create a nonrectangular shape (such as a pentagon), I find that I can still click outside the shape to trigger the action. I believe that Lectora allows only rectangular hotspots. I've had to make an irregular shape before, and what I did was to create several transparent rectangles (no border and no fill). I overlaid them on top of the graphic. I had some area outside of the graphic, but they weren't as bad as if I just made one giant rectangle. You can assign an action to the first rectangle and then just copy and paste that action to all the other shapes. That'll save you some time. If you have many complex actions, I suggest an action group. Then you just run that action group for the rectangles. I wish I had a better answer for you, but this isn't Flash where you could define the entire shape as the hotspot.Kevin