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BMPs and WAVs work better in 2008 & up

rhall01 Community Member Posts: 105
I have had much better luck using 3rd party tools to handle the compression duties, as opposed to Lectora. We optimize our images using Photoshop, and any Audio, or video work is also handled outside of Lectora, using various 3rd party tools. It greatly depends on a few things that dictate how you approach integrating media into your courses.:Your (individually or company) access to other 3rd party toolsYour experience with the 3rd party toolsComplexity/Number of people involved with developing your courseThe first two are pretty self-explanitory. The third one is unique to each developer/company. In my situation, there could be various developers in the mix, and several people may be assigned to handle specific media. In other cases, one developer could be assigned the whole project. Consistency must be ensured across the project. In dealing with Lectora only, several miss-steps on not using the compression settings, or forgetting to modify or set the compression settings when publishing/republishing could be disastrous.If all you had access to is the suite they offer, Lectora has come a great deal forward with the tools they included with the suite, hands down.Edited By: 8ball on 2009-1-20 13:35:36
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