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rhonab Community Member Posts: 103
Well of course I need to make it really complicated for myself but for example, on one page, I have 3 questions and each has it's own Check my Answer button. I wanted to do it this way so that the employee would know which one they got wrong, rather than doing 1 button to check them all at once; then they'd be left wondering which question they got wrong and they'd have to go back through numerous times with trial and error, until they got them all right.My question is, since I have 3 seperate Check My Answer buttons, I can't really create an action that includes all questions (or at least, I can't figure it out).    I have tried on each button to give it an action to "show next button" with the condition that all 3 of the questions HAVE to be right, but upon testing that out, once I correctly check the first question right, the next button appears before I can even answer the other 2.
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