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Quiz Results

rhonab Community Member Posts: 103
After much help from the guys in Trivantis support, we here at AAA Life have practically perfected this art. And let me tell you, it is not for the faint of heart. Here are the steps we use. Go grab some lunch before you read this, as you might need a snack halfway through. You're right about creating the "check answer" button and a "no, you didn't get it right" text box. (I call mine CheckAnswerButton and Sorry Text.) The check answer button is on each page, but the "Sorry Text" can be at the Test Chapter level.You also need a "yes, you did get it right, click next to continue" message. I call mine "That's Right Text." Again, it can be at the Test Chapter level.You also need to have a "next" button that is not initially visible. (I call mine NextButton.)You need to create a variable for each question. I call mine MCQ01, MCQ02, etc. (mastery challenge question)Then, what you need to do is assign FIVE (yes, you read that right, FIVE) actions to the check answer button. Here is the order of how my actions go. (And the order is very important!):Hide Checkanswer Button if Correct. On Mouseclick: Hide CheckAnswerButton; Condition: If [question variable number] is correct; Else: Modify Variable, Target MCQ01, Value 1, Modification Type, Set Variable COntents Hide Sorry Text if Incorrect. On Mouseclick: Hide Sorry Text; Condition: If Variable MCQ01 is Equal to 1.Show Sorry Text if Incorrect. On Mouseclick: Show Sorry Text; Condition: If [question variable number] is not correct; Else: Show That’s Right Text.Show Next Button. On Mouseclick: Show NextButton; Condition: If [question variable number] is correct.Hide Question if Correct. On Mouseclick: Hide [question itself]; ; Condition: If [question variable number] is correct. Told you it was intense. And guess what? You have to do this for EVERY question, because each question has a different variable, of course. You may wonder WHY there is so much to this. Here are some explanations that we learned through trial and error:If the learner gets it wrong once, and then gets it wrong again, you have to hide and then “redisplay” the Sorry Text. Otherwise the screen doesn’t look different to them, and they think it’s not working.If you don’t hide the question itself and check answer button when they DO get it right, they may try to click another answer and then click the next button…thereby actually getting the question wrong. (Yes, we really had learners click again after they got the question right.) Then they wouldn’t get a 100% score (which is what we require here).I hope this helps. I know it’s a lot of info…feel free to ask if you have more questions. And hey, if anyone else out there has a better, shorter way to do this…I am ALL EARS!Edited By: Steph H on 2009-1-15 12:12:40
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