Quiz Results

rhonab Community Member Posts: 103
You'll need to be aware of the effects of multiple incorrect answers. If you just have the two text boxes, then the title will seem unresponsive if the user clicks another wrong answer. Ben's suggestion of hiding the entire group is pretty good, as there may be a quick flash. But, if the actions are quick enough, then it may still look the same. For example, if D is the correct answer and the learner selects A, then the Sorry text comes up. If the learner then clicks B or C, then nothing seems to change. You can address this by having a feedback box for each wrong answer. It's extra work, but it may be an improvement, as you have specialized feedback. You can also set an action for the text box to hide itself after 3 seconds. This works as long as the learner doesn't click on wrong answers quickly. It works, but it's mostly impractical.You could also add a little "splash screen" for the feedback. Show a box that says, "Thinking..." or "Magic 8 Ball says..." Give it a 2-second delay before showing the feedback. That way, there is always something changing on the screen when the learner clicks, and he won't mistake your presentation for a rock.Just some thoughts. I've run into that obstacle before.Kevin