Abstraction of Content

sflowers Community Member Posts: 106
When I look at a Lectora generated output I see a lot (A LOT) of duplication. The same functions and structures are repeated on each generated html page. The content is broken up for generation by client side script.I'd like to see us have some options that include a source format that is consumed by a framework. Ideally, I would like to see Lectora save the document source configuration to an XML format that can be opened by Lectora for editing AND used to drive the logic and content display in the HTML framework. Could be a separate export format I suppose.Imagine having a SIMPLE html framework option that used AJAX or AJAX like functions to display elements on the screen / page without requiring screen refresh.I say option because I'm relatively sure that Trivantis crew is still supporting the legacy browser folks...I am one, just guessing that the rest of us would love to see a simple, elegant way to package output.