Automatically re-size pop-up windows

I often make use of pop-up windows within a title, pointing to a separate page within the title. The separate page might contain question feedback, or a separate document, etc. When I create that separate page, I usually create a different page size (usually smaller), customizing it based upon the content of the page.Within the main content, I'll create an action that on action, go to page, and open in a separate window. When I do this, I have to remember the size of the separate page and enter it here (which is a nuisance). Also, if I update the size of the separate page, I then also have to remember to resize the open window action.What I'd like to see is on the "go to page, open in new window" series of actions, is a little checkbox that says something to the effect of "automatically size window to destination page." It wouldn't work if you're opening a web page, but if you're going to another page within the title, Lectora could figure out the size of the destination page and set the window open properties to match.