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Mouseover Message

tsirianni Community Member Posts: 12
Hey tsirianni,I got ya covered! If you just want the generic browser alt-tag descriptions. Just change the button name to whatever message you want to appear. Then make sure when you publish to html 'Create ALT Tages for Images and Buttons' is checked (it is checked by default).If you were looking for something a little more custom you could:1. Create the message in a text box and uncheck 'initially visible' in the properties.2. Set two actions for your button, one on mouse enter, and one on mouse exit. Both actions should 'toggle visibility state' of your text box.3. Set an action for your text box. On 'show', 'toggle visibility state' of the text box, then include a 'delay before action' value in seconds.Tah Dah! Neeto Custom rollover messages.
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