Master Templates & Versioning

redsaid Community Member Posts: 5
I would sing the praises of Lectora to the ends of the earth and back, if only...Master Templates - We have 79 lessons. If changes are made to the template, we have to MANUALLY update all 79 individual lessons. It would be awesome to have a master template that synchronized template changes to all lessons.Versioning Control - We have multiple authors and there is no way to determine who changed what, no way to roll back to a previous version, no check in/out. As a developer, it makes me very nervous knowing that any of our non-technical authors could be messing with my perfectly crafted files in an uncontrolled manner.Question Hotspots - The quiz "hotspot" questions do not meet my needs because the radio buttons give away the feel of software simulation. A preferable solution is the ability to place invisible buttons that allow users to demonstrate their understanding of an application. The "hack" alternative I'm forced to use is not a good solution as it is not easy for a non-technical author to create and it adds bulk to the HTML markup.Assessibility - When images are used in quizes, and the ALT feature is turned on, the ALT descriptions give away the answer to the question. Turning off this feature removes all ALT descriptions from the ENTIRE lesson. There is no way modify this feature to allow for customized ALT descriptions that allow screen readers to describe the image options.Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the ONLY thing holding back Lectora from blowing all other products out of the water! Anyone else have thoughts??