Insert+F7 with Jaws and Lectora

juliel Community Member Posts: 91
I'd do it as a workaround, and not as an actual button component using variables. For example, let's say you have a button that's marked "Chapter 1" and when you're in the Chapter 1 section of the course, it's highlighted, or a different color, or whatever... I'd place a variable on that page (or pages) that says basically "If you're on this page, set the Chapter1 variable to Yes" and then I'd have both Chapter 1 button images (just gifs/jpegs remember - not true buttons) on stage. I'd have a second variable that would say something like "If the Chapter1 variable is set to yes, then show Chapter1_highlight.gif" and another that said "If the Chapter1 variable is set to anything else, hide Chapter1_highlight.gif" You know?Yes, it's a hacky workaround, but when accessibility and Section 508 Compliance is a must, you do what you gotta do, you know?The neat thing about the solution above is that the alt text for the two states can be different, for example "Chapter 1" and "You are currently on Chapter 1" where with a basic button, I don't think you can do that.I'd love to present at the user conference - I'm totally in love with Lectora, and all I do with it is accessible and 508 compliant content.Bottom line - you buy, I'll fly.Hope this helps.Joe