Scripting errors that may be tied to Audi

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Good morning (unless you are on some side of the world that it is not morning)Currently using Lectora 2008Publish SCORM/Web-Based predominately 1.2 but have tried 2004.Placing course on a Inqusiq system.( not hosted by inqusiq)After publishing (no Errors)I upload to the Inqusiq system (also no issues)Running the course works as intended. Title page load, moves to Index page, moves to first lesson in title.all works flawlessly, On clicking the next button to go to the next page in lesson causes the following errors."A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly, if it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive"Immediately followed by a"Stack overflow at line 63"(or any number for that matter)Here is my troubleshooting so far:Internet blog indicate may be IE and a check box for Scripting bug that may be checked and causing issues..(I cannot get to the Advanced tab in IE since I work for the Military and that section is locked by System administrators :-( )I have published the course to HTML, and the issue is not present.I have added another lesson within the course with no audio, Issue is not present.So it seems that the issue may be centralized to audio.The 3 types of audio files I have imported into the Lectora Course is either, 1. Windows Media Audio file .wma2. Wave Audio File .wav3. MPEG Layer 3 Audio .mp3During publishing seems all audio is converted to .flv'sSo I did and do not consider the varied audios files to of issues. ( perhaps I am in error)So after a lengthy dissertation, does anyone have some helpful advise as to1. The best or at least most appropriate audio format to use in Lectora 20082. How the heck can I correct the 2 errors I am getting.Thanking you in advanceRandy