Scripting errors that may be tied to Audi

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Good morning (unless you are on some side of the world that it is not morning)
Check! On a more serious note:In our courses, we usually run MP3-files, simply because the converted file uses less disk space, and therefor loads somewhat faster then traditional WAV, even though sound quality is not notably worse. This said, I always include the files just as audio files. As far as I can see (publishing in Lectora 2008 and 2007, to SCORM (usually 1.2)) there is no conversion. My guess would be that the program trying to run the file inside of IE is causing some hick-ups. The fastest way to try would be to either:A) use an alternative browser (like FireFox)ORB) run the course at a different computer (for the sake of being sure, make that a different subnet/network as well)If it still does occur, see if the files are exceptionaly big (i.e. >5MB per file). It is not unusual for browsers to act weird or become very slow when dealing with big files.If all that fails, check to see what space on your PC is allowed for cache files. The stack overflow error usually indicates that whatever you try to run, is too big to fit in the memory allocated for it (hence my statement about cache-size).Last but not least, the error tells you that a script is causing the IE browser to run slow. This could be due to a script that loads a lot of things on start-up (pre-rendering for HTML is checked at a lot of items on that particular page) or, again, the cache size is to small. Also check to see if no script is running in loops. Can be devestating for browsers.Good luck on this one!