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I've been using Lectora for over 4 years now and while there have been some challenges along the way, we've got some really great examples of material made using Lectora. In addition, we have a new platform that we are developing as a distribution platform that allows you to encrypt, secure, and update Lectora SCORM courses. Currently, we use the software to distribute and sell our course library, but we are looking for other companies who create training, but are faced with the same problems we had when selling our courses:Once the courses are copied to the customers systems, they are beyond your control and could easily be copied to other locations or freely distributed without your knowledgeOnce courses are installed, they are difficult to update or require manually updating every customer’s installed filesCustomers want training, but don’t have a budget for an LMS and only need simple trackingInstalling courses can be difficult depending on which LMS is being usedVideo and high-bandwidth content doesn't perform well on low-speed connectionsOur platform encrypts courses so they can only be used with our software and registers them with a specific computer. This prevents fraudulent copying by users who don’t have valid serial numbers and registration keys. It also allows updates to be posted that can be downloaded and installed with only a few clicks. Our training viewer is a free program where customers only purchase licenses for the content they want. A self-installing .EXE file can be put on a DVD, CD-Rom, downloaded from the web, or installed using the integrated catalog inside the application (Convergence Training Viewer). Training courses are downloaded and installed on the desktop resulting in high-performance and no bandwidth problems.We have over 30 courses in our library which all have free trial periods. To view the training (created by Lectora 2008), or to see how the system works, visit our website and download it today: http://www.thinkconvergence.com/lms/training-viewer.aspxOr send me an email to discuss details:Kenny Della Valle, Convergence Training
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