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You guys seem to be very sharp with the programs I am having issues with. (Flash, Lectora, with Javascript) I have built a training course using the above mentioned items. The web version runs great. I was asked to provide a CD ROM version. I can not publish to CD in Lectora because of all the External HTML Objects that are present. I can not remove them because they provide much of the course's functionality. So I published to HTML and used those files for the CD. I had a lot of issues. I think I have narrowed it down to issues with my external interface calls from Flash to Lectora and vice versa. It puzzles me that the files run online in Internet Explorer can work fine, but the very same files run locally on a disk with not run...on the same computer! I have several computers at my disposal and it works in either version (web and CD) on all of mine. The client however, can not run the CD Version, but can run the web version!Does anyone know of a solution?RoachmoeEdited By: roachmoe on 2008-12-19 10:58:58
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