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I am trying to apply what I know about HTML accessibility to Lectora version 9. Basically, I want a heading before certain areas. For example, I would like a heading “Navigation” before the navigation buttons and “Content” before the content on each page.After playing with version 9, it appears that the product creates the objects in the order they were created, not where they are in the title tree. Here is what I did so you can reproduce the results:1.     Create a title based on the Reflection template. Call it test99. Take all the defaults.2.     Add a text item to the tree. Rename it “Navigation”. In properties make it an H2. Drag it before the exit button in the tree. In theory, the “Navigation” heading should be created before the exit button.3.     Open the page in the browser of your choice. In my case I am using Firefox so I can use the WAVE accessibility toolbar. When I view the reading order I get it as item number 17 to be read. The exit button is number 2. I would have thought that the new heading would be 2 since it appears BEFORE the exit button in the tree. I have also verified this in JAWS and it is the 17th thing to be read.Am I doing this right?And if anyone is interested, I like the WAVE accessibility tool bar for Firefox to view the reading order. You can find it at if you are interested.


  • cyberjoep
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    Always On Top is probably set on the buttons, which affects the reading order. Whether I am doing Lectora development, I immediately turn off Always On Top on every button.