Accessible Tables

barbo Community Member Posts: 21
To create a table: First create a text block, then double-click within the text block so you can type, right click within the text block, and select Table > Insert Table from the right-click context menus. Specify the appropriate number of rows and columns and click OK. Once the table has been created, highlight the row you wish to designate as the header row (Lectora can only support simple tables with a single header row), right-click and select Table > Header Row. You can check its success by repeating those steps. The expanded right-click context menu should display a check mark next to the Header Row option.

Screen readers will associate the data within the table with the labeled header row and the far left column. If you need to create more sophisticated tables with multiple header rows, you will have to hand code the table and insert the corresponding html code within an External HTML object.