Tips for Recoding/Launching Video

lauravery Community Member Posts: 21
My main thing for best practice is to use an external microphone when you're recording - not the built in camcorder mic. It's tough to find a camcorder that has a plug in for an external mic, though. We bought an inexpensive Canon camcorder as that was the only thing under $1000 that allowed an external, but it makes all the difference for sound. I use an inexpensive audio-technica ATR35s corded lavalier microphone, $20 or so on Amazon.Other than that, import the video into your computer, edit the file, export, and import into Lectora. I export as an .flv as I want control over the finished video, but there's no need as Lectora can handle the conversion.I use Adobe Premiere Elements for the video editing and it works just fine for my limited needs.