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Zoom Transition

kevinelmore Community Member Posts: 162
Actually, I thought Lectora had this, but I must be thinking of another application I was testing before we bought Lectora. While I don't use transitions often, I did just have an idea of something that I would have actually used for my current project. Although, that assumed that zoom is one of the transitions. Apparently, it isn't.So, my first suggestion is to have a zoom transition where the object comes in very tiny and then expands to the full dimensions. This can come from above, below, left, right, any diagonal, or the very center. Or, even, from a defined point, which leads to my second suggestion...I think a Fixed Zoom transition could be neat. You define a point on the screen where the object seemingly pops out. I have a title with a graphic of a chalkboard. I then reveal a hint in the form of a screen shot. I thought it'd be cool if the hint seemingly popped out of the chalkboard. Nothing major. I am used to not using transitions, so I thought about it briefly and then went straight to pop in and out. But, it would be pretty cool.Kevin
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