popups-how to make them modal?

himali Community Member Posts: 37
Just to throw in a convoluted idea after having read Laura's comment.The idea is still the same that the user cannot progress until the popup is closed. A variable should still be used on the Close button. Just in case the user closes the window via other means, this would allow the user to continue.You could have a sequence of variable juggling behind the scenes. Set up the following actions:On the popup pageOn Timer: 1 sec, Modify Variable: intTimer, Value: 1, Add to VariableOn the popup launch (assume button)On Click, Show: Invisible ButtonThe Invisible Button covers up the navigation button.On the main page, create an Action Group "Check Timer Value"Modify Variable: intCheck, Value: VAR(intTimer), Set Variable ContentsModify Variable: intTest, Value: VAR(intTimer), Set Variable Contents, Delay: 3.0 secondsHide: Invisible Button, Delay: 5.0 seconds, Condition: intCheck Equal To VAR(intTest)On the main pageOn Timer: 6 sec, Run Action Group: Check Timer ValueThe end result is that the main page fires off your timer comparisons every 6 seconds. When that happens, intCheck is set to intTimer. Three seconds later, intTest is set to intTimer (which is +3 if the popup is open, +0 if not). Two seconds later, the Invisible Button goes away if intCheck = intTest. Naturally, a Close button on the popup will allow you to remove the Invisible Button (or whatever method you use) more elegantly. This just takes care of the popup being closed incorrectly and not stranding your students.It's convoluted as heck, but it'll get the job done.KevinPS, I tested this out on a dummy title, so if this doesn't make sense, PM me your e-mail address, and I'll send you the AWT. Edited By: Kevin Elmore on 2008-12-1 14:7:38