popups-how to make them modal?

himali Community Member Posts: 37
Here's a possible workaround suggestion... Put a "Close" button on the popup window that sets a variable, then put an invisible button on your Next button on the main window that checks for that variable value, and, if it's not equals whatever the Close button would set it to, have it display a message that the user needs to close the popup window, else (if the variable is equal to whatever the Close button set it to) go to next page.The only problem with this workaround is that, if the user closes the pop-up window by using the x button on the title bar, the learner will be stuck on the current page (unless she opens the pop-up window again and clicks the Close button).Do you really need to use a pop-up window? How about having a simulated window-ish thing that's actually on the page itself? If you can explain more what you're trying to accomplish and why, we might be able to come up with some other possibilities for you...Laura