Easily Catch Reviewer Comments

This is cool. We cobbled something like this together years ago in FrontPage, but it was painful for me to maintain.

Feedback for positioning this thing in the marketplace. It might be helpful to package your product slightly differently. Most people are going to be developers and not server admins, and would not need all of the server and database pieces when they buy it. You might want to consider having a "setup" package that includes the ASP files and the database, and then sell the plugin separately at a lower pricepoint. My assumption is that in my group -- where we have several developers -- we'd set up one database and have multiple developers access it. It might be my misunderstanding in how your software is setup, but I think this approach would be helpful.

Can't wait to see the Lectora plug in.

Any chance of a Captivate plugin? I know Captivate 4 has the ability to collect comments via an Adobe Air plugin, but that requires that users install a plugin. Would love to see some sort of "Comment Catcher Pro Suite" which includes 1 database that could capture comments from Lectora, Articulate, and/or Captivate courses.

Please keep us up to date on this.