Easily Catch Reviewer Comments

 How about an update on the Lectora Commentcatcher app.

xithis said:Hello everyone. I've been busy working on new versions of our comment tools that we use for gathering SME/Reviewer Comments in our courses. We have two versions currently one for Articulate, and another for Lectora. Currently the Lectora one is in beta, it should be ready real soon. Today we are putting out the Articulate plug-in to help with your Articulate course development. You can view a demo here: http://www.zprocess.net/commentcatcher/player.html Information about the Plug-In, and getting the file: http://www.i3logic.net/our_methods/webbased_products/commentcatcher/ Features of both comment tools: -Save comments to a database -Ranking of comments -Export to Microsoft Excel -Integrated within the course If you want other features let me know. Our client's love the ease of this tool to help with the review process and the consolidation of comments. Hope other people like it as well.