AICC Score Correct, but LMS Shows 0

jenstamey Community Member Posts: 14
I'm creating a quiz where the user will only have one chance to take it. If they fail or exit before finishing, they will have to re-register after remedial training. We're trying to eliminate the opportunities to cheat.I have added an action to the assessment that changes the AICC_Lesson_Status to "completed" and sets the AICC_Score to 0. So, if the user exits the quiz before they are finished, the course will show in the LMS as complete with a score of 0, and the user will have to register again. Once the user completes the test and gets to the final page (outside of the test in a different results section), I set the AICC_Score to the Final_Assessment_Score. I've verified that process by including test results and by displaying the AICC_Score on the results page. In both places, the AICC_Score is correct.However, when I exit out of the course, the LMS shows a score of 0. It seems that the AICC_Score is being updated properly within the course, but once exited, it saves as a 0.Any ideas?