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Disabling Checkbox after selection

kthorn Community Member Posts: 77
Got it.Each checkbox has an associated 'hide checkbox' transparent image. On Select/Change 'show' image to disable. Here's the breakdown.Calculate button:- On Click tab > run 'calculate checkboxes' action group.- hide ALL checkboxes action with transparent image that covers all checkboxes.- Show results text block.- hide button to prevent additional clicks.Action Groups:1. Calculate Checkboxes - one action per checkbox that calculates by adding an integer to the variable _temp.- one single action to run 'update results text' action group.2. Update Results Text- action to add pre text to _tempText- action to add value of _temp to _tempText- action to add post text to _tempText- action to change contents of 'results text' text block to value of _tempText.Pretty cool object for future interactions that can be used in a variety of ways with just a bit of tweaking depending on application.
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