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Disabling Checkbox after selection

kthorn Community Member Posts: 77
I'm using Lectora 2008. One thing I'm having a challenge with is not being able to apply an action directly to a checkbox.Situation:I have 7 checkboxes. Users can select one or all and the click a 'calculate' button. I have actions associated with the button that does the calculations depending on if a user selects 1,2, or all 7 checkboxes. That works.I also have an action that hides all checkboxes with a transparent image that covers them making them unselectable when clicking the button. Essentially not being able to change your selections once the button is clicked.The challenge:Because an action is associated with each checkbox and does a small calcualtion, if I check a box, uncheck it, check it again, the action runs the calculation three times. I want to diable the checkbox once a user selects it securing that choice.Because I can't put an action directly on a checkbox, I have them at the page level. Parameters:Checkbox_001 - Initially Visible = yes, Initially selected = no, Always on Top = no.hide checkBox_01 - On: Show, Action: Show, Target: hide checkbox_01 (image), Condition: Variable: Checkbox_001, Relationship: Is Not EmptyMy logic suggests when a checkbox is selected, the action will fire (checkbox is not empty) and show the transparent image that covers the checkbox making it unselectable.My logic is not working.Any ideas?
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