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Disabling Checkbox after selection

kthorn Community Member Posts: 77
As Ben said, you could use the Action Group to perform your calculations. You could also use an Action Group for your _temp variable.When faced with the limitation of the check boxes, I think your best bet is to create an Action Group that represents that check box. In essence, calling this Action Group is just like assigning multiple On Click actions on buttons or images.And you can use an action in your Action Group to run other Action Groups. So, when there is a Select/Change, your "Master" Action Group runs. The first action may be to calculate the math in your _temp variable. Your second action may be to hide the check box. Your third action may be to change the contents of the display.You can actually cram a lot into that one Action Group, allowing it to be a switchboard of some sort. If you cram too much, then you may end up changing contents before the calculations are done. In that case, you may want to put in a delay of 0.3 seconds or so. It's barely noticeable by the learner, and it gives your title a chance to catch up.Kevin
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