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juliel Community Member Posts: 91
i've got the same requirement here, and trying the same approach with no luck.

"skip navigation" link is first at the title level, with action go to>current page>scroll to myTransparentImage. the image is the last element in the title level, after all the nav elements i want to skip. Jaws is still reading everything.

am i missing something? it is entirely possible i don't have Jaws configured as i should, i'm running the demo version as it came (and rebooting this box every bloody 40 minutes).

 //edit to include more stuff

ok, so now i've tried setting a variable, and if myVar is true goto current page, scroll to myTransparentImage. this works in that it does indeed jump to myTransparentImage, and then proceeds to read all the nav stuff on title level that i want to skip over. no good.

try target an image on a page. ok. if myVar is true, goto myFirstPage, scroll to myOtherImage. same deal. jumps to that image, then reads all the title level stuff.

is the solution to put all the navigation on page level? that doesn't seem to be the efficient solution, regardless of the fact efficiency went down the toilet a couple days ago.


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