Contract Job vacancy!!!

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Oasis Art GalleryGallery Road, Dulwich Village,London SE21 7ADRc:122132Tel Number: +447011130869,+447035927646Fax Number: +448715032663Good day, Oasis Art gallery needs a book-keeper/company representative in the United States.Oasis Art gallery is a company that's deals in art works ranging from pencil or airbrush mixed with color pencils to Digital artworks.We have recently added designing and creating artwork on the computer. We have our work featured on trading cards, prints, magazines and sculptures.Oasis Art gallery has been in existence for 23 years,we have sold out to major galleries and private collectors from a few parts of the world, and presently, we have started selling our arts out to art lovers in the United States, which has been on since the last 5 weeks.We are working on setting up a branch in the states, but for now we are looking for representatives in the United States who will work for us as a partime or on contract basis,this project has been developed in a way not to affect your present job nor bring you any form of stress but in order to help take care of those extra costs as we will be willing to pay 10% percent for every transaction made in your possession. JOB DESCRIPTION?1. Company Representative.2. Account Management.3. Consultancy.Interested applicant should get back to us directly at this E-mail.E-mail Address: [email protected] Smith.