Flash Media LIbrary Examples

dianeelkins Community Member Posts: 30

You are both correct, the Flash Media Libaray is new to version 9, and improved in 9.2.

And I agree that some of the games have less of an instructional value than you might want.  For the jigsaw puzzle, the one instructional application I could see is if the picture was of some sort of diagram or figure the student has been learning.  Knowing how the diagram is put together would make it easier to solve the puzzle.  Plus, just interacting with the diagram one extra time might reinforce it.

The other one that has limited instructional value is the concentration game.  I would have hoped that it let you match up pairs, such as matching Print to Ctrl +P or an acronym to its meaning, etc.  But instead, both values have to be exactly the same:  So you would be matching Print to Print.  Just busy work.  Although I did talk to someone at the last Users Conference who said she would probably use it anyway to reinforce some terminology.  She said that even though it doesn't "test" them, encountering the terms one more time would make the student think about them.  I created my own concentration game in Lectora a few years ago that works the way I want, so I think I'll stick with that. 

I really like the flash cards -- it can be used to both present and to do a non-graded self-check.  The photo viewer is nice also. I've used it to present steps in a process.