Flash Media LIbrary Examples

dianeelkins Community Member Posts: 30

Bradley-boy - I don't think you are using the "latest and greatest" Lectora -- wouldn't it say "Version 9.2" if you were? At any rate, I know that the Flash library was first added with V9, which I haven't had the courage to install yet, because I'm a 'fraidy (Teco)cat. (I was so excited about the upgrade, but then read stories in the forum/lounge about people having problems with courses that worked in 2008 and having to uninstall v9 and reinstall 2008 and I've been too under the gun with projects to take a chance of things not working right that did before (or new problems cropping up)).

So, while I've seen examples of the flash library stuff (thanks to Diane and others), I can't help you access it, because I can't do it myself yet! However, sooner or later I'm going to take the plunge and upgrade (can't wait to have that "smooth" move-to path-animation-like action!). If I get there before you do (and you don't get an answer from anyone else in the meantime), I'll post back and let you know...

On a separate, but related note, I have to say that, after looking at Diane's samples, there looks to be a few of neat things there, but a lot of them seem a little weak or mystify me in terms of their educational value. For example, I thought the jigsaw activity would be kind of like one I created from scratch myself -- a game where the learner has to answer a question to earn a piece of the puzzle to eventually see the completed picture. But this one looks like a regular jigsaw puzzle, in which they just have to put the pieces in the right spots to complete the picture. I have no clue what kind of instructional-design issue that would be a solution for...but maybe I'm just missing something obvious? Otherwise, it just seems like a non-educational busy-work activity, like a word search would be.