Please keep questions to other forums

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rhall01 wrote:

I agree. Instead of answering the questions, let's tactfully recommend that they move their question over to another forum. It would be nice if one of the moderators would physically move the question over, or give a senior member power to do that, but in lieu of that, we'll use tact. I'm going to try that now... :)
I'm in the same boat as Laura. I've been tempted to ask this favor, as well.I would love to see a moderator do this. A Tips and Tricks forum that contains only tips and tricks would be a great resource for Trivantis. It is an awesome supplement to the help file, as information found here would be more than just definitions of the Lectora elements--it also demonstrates the application of those elements.And it shouldn't take too much effort for a moderator to change the location. I know Trivantis personnel do read these messages. I've seen some postings.Kevin