Flash Button .go to. next page

modifier Community Member Posts: 8
I have the same question as Modifier but am not doing single file executable, just SCORM 2004. I'm using Lectora V.9a I, too, have a button in a Flash anim. that needs to go to the next page. I found the newsletter JDH referred to. It did not help me. Here's my problem:It says in step 1, "Create a button in Lectora, and set it to transparent." I did and had no problem.Step 2 is where it gets confusing. It says "Inside the parenthesis, enter in your button HTML number. For the example below, we’re naming the button number 37." So do we (meaning me, the poor schmuck trying to understand this crap) name the button ourselves or do we using the HTML number given at the top right of the buttons Properties box and the writers just said "naming" because they needed an example HTML number and didn't care that newbies such as myself might need them to be specific?But wait, it gets worse.The code they tell us to write refers to an "action". Were we not just working with a button? Where's this action coming from? We were not instructed to create an action, yet here we are with a script that does something with an action. So I did what they said and inserted just the number part of my button's HTML number after "action". Didn't work. So I replaced "action" with "button."Still nothing works. What is wrong here?