HTML problems

noellet Community Member Posts: 6
Hi all,I'm on a 14 day trial of Lectora and having problems. The main one being getting things to work in "Preview in Browser" mode. For example, I opened a new title and chose the template that looks like folders. I used the wizard to do this and, I swear, I didn't do anything else to it. When I hit "preview in browser" mode, none of the links worked. Including the arrows to go to the next page or the tabs on the folders. I added some simple text to the pages incase that was the problem. Still nothing. This works in the other "preview mode" though.Some other clues. I'm using IE6. I get the yellow popup blocker bar when the title first loads. I allow the active x content. On the bottom of my browser window, it says "javascript:void(null)" if I hover my mouse over a link (such as the arrow buttons or one of the chapter tabs).Any ideas on what the problem is?Edited By: noellet on 2008-10-31 10:35:30